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L'EDICOLA DI LOU - Stralci, cover e commenti sui telefilm dai media italiani e stranieri

Bauer, eroe tragico e sconfitto in "24: Live Another Day"
"È tornato Jack Bauer! Mentre l'ultima stagione di «24» si concludeva con il nostro agente preferito costretto alla fuga e ricercato dalla Cia, rieccolo quattro anni dopo: vive in esilio, è ricercato, è accusato dagli americani di essere un criminale terrorista. Bauer è figlio dell'America post 11 settembre: la sua lealtà è indiscussa (almeno nelle precedenti stagioni), la sua dedizione totale, la sua lotta all'antiterrorismo implacabile. Ma se ha bisogno di «salvare l'America» non esita a torturare, a uccidere, a usare modi spicci. Per questo è ricercato, per questo credono sia ora passato dalla parte dei terroristi (Fox, lunedì, ore 21.10). «24: Live Another Day» è interamente girata a Londra: la serie in 12 puntate riunisce il team di autori e produttori delle precedenti stagioni di «24», tra cui Howard Gordon, Robert Cochran, Jon Cassar e lo stesso Jack (Kiefer Sutherland). Il nuovo presidente degli Stati Uniti è James Heller (William Devane), il cui braccio destro Mark Boudreau (Tate Donovan) è sposato con la figlia di Heller, che altri non è che l'ex fiamma di Jack, Audrey (Kim Raver). Bauer si trova al centro di un complotto internazionale: i russi vogliono la sua testa, i corpi speciali americani lo inseguono, mentre qualcuno sta cercando di minare l'alleanza tra Usa e Gran Bretagna. Non manca l'accenno a WikiLeaks. Il reboot di «24» ci presenta un Jack nelle vesti dell'eroe tragico e sconfitto, l'aria stanca e invecchiata ma sempre fascinosa. Del resto, dal punto di vista dell'impianto, «24» è una delle più perfette macchine narrative che la tv americana ci abbia regalato: con il suo ritmo adrenalinico, con l'orologio che scandisce il tempo reale, con la partizione dello schermo. E poi c'è l'uso della tecnologia che consente di monitorare ogni azione creando una doppia platea televisiva: gli inseguitori e gli spettatori, senza mai riprendere fiato".
(Aldo Grasso, 18.06.2014)

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NEWS - Altro che Lena Dunham e "Girls"! La vera liberazione sessuale in serie arriva dalla bisex Caitlin Stasey di "Reign" (leggere l'intervista senza peli sulla lingua per credere). Non ditelo a Raidue (che trasmette la serie al pomeriggio) e al MOIGE
Articolo di Louis Peitzman per "BuzzFeed"
The way Caitlin Stasey talks about her Reign character Kenna, a fictional lady-in-waiting to Mary Queen of Scots, is enough to make even non-Elizabethan era audiences blush.
“I call her the clitoris of the show,” Stasey says after a quick glance around at her surroundings at Insomnia Café in Los Angeles. “Almost consistently for every episode I was doing something sexual. I was naked, I was doing this, I was making out with this person, I was having a threesome here, and I realized that was my position. Which is fine. I’m totally fine with that. It’s great.”
But while Stasey’s frankness might shock the more inhibited among us, it reflects the kind of sexual openness the 24-year-old actor celebrates. The more we talk about it, she reasons, the less weird it’s going to be. And for a generation of young girls embarking on the complicated journey of self-discovery, just knowing they’re normal can make all the difference.
The more normal it is, the more it’s perceived as just an everyday way of being, the less scary it’s gonna be for girls, obviously,” Stasey says.
Of course, it’s not as though Kenna has any trouble expressing her sexuality. The most liberated of the ladies-in-waiting trailing behind Mary (Adelaide Kane) on The CW’s period drama, Kenna has wielded her sex as a weapon, been subjugated by those who seek to control her body, and finally discovered mutual respect and love over the course of Reign’s first season. She’s gone from being a virgin to the mistress of King Henry (Alan van Sprang) to the wife of Henry’s bastard Bash (Torrance Coombs).
“She’s kind of done it all,” Stasey says, taking a sip from her iced coffee. She manages to come across as both charming and matter-of-fact as she discusses touchy subjects, lowering her voice ever so slightly when using words like “orgasm” and “masturbation.” The other patrons at the coffee shop don’t seem to notice.
Masturbation” is, in fact, a major topic of conversation: Reign raised eyebrows with its pilot, in which Kenna — so sexually charged from watching a newly married couple consummate their relationship — ducks into a hallway to pleasure herself. It was a rare depiction of female masturbation on network television — and with a teenage girl doing the deed, no less.
Even for Stasey, who doesn’t shy away from much, filming the scene was a daunting prospect.
I was kind of horrified at the thought of having to masturbate on screen,” she admits. “Masturbation was such a sensitive issue for me as an adolescent, as a young woman, the thought of doing it publicly, albeit very tame, it felt like it was going to be an insight into me and my desires and my methods, I guess you could say. Because a little piece of you has to find its way into those situations, into those scenes.”
When the pilot finally aired, the masturbation scene had been cut down significantly: While it was obvious what Kenna was doing, the act itself was mostly just implied. As showrunner Laurie McCarthy put it, “With The CW’s concern, we all came to a creative decision that allowed us to keep the bulk of the scene, but to make it more suggestive. It felt like the right way to do it.”
Stasey is somewhat less understanding.
I was disappointed,” she admits. “It’s always a little bit personal when your work is cut down for whatever reason. And when it’s for reasoning that’s as antithetical to my views as this was, it’s even harder to swallow. It would be like if you were a gay man on television kissing your lover in a scene, and they had to cut it down because of network sensitivity.”
Stasey’s disappointment was compounded by the fact that she went through with it, despite her initial discomfort — and she was proud of her performance when all was said and done.
I fucking did it,” she adds. “I did it in front of all those men that I didn’t know and all those women I didn’t know, and now people got to edit it and watch it and fucking dissect it. There have been conversations over boardroom tables about my masturbating, so why couldn’t you just let it happen?”
Editing choices aside, the simple inclusion of a scene of female masturbation on a teen drama remains a bold one. Particularly as the depiction of female pleasure on the whole is far more restricted than that of male sexuality. The response to scenes like Kenna’s clandestine masturbation speak to a double standard in terms of what audiences are comfortable with. Variety’s senior TV editor Brian Steinberg found the scene in question so distasteful that he wrote, “There’s pushing the envelope, and there’s dunking that envelope in a sink full of bourbon and trying to light it on fire.”
It’s a response that may disappoint Stasey but does not surprise her.
We are the fairer sex. We are pure. We are not earthly creatures,” she jokes. “And I think to put us in the midst of all of it, to see that we are in fact just as sexually driven as men, is kind of confronting. Also the fact that we are largely, nowadays, not reliant on men to provide pleasure for us.” Part of what makes Kenna such a fascinating character is that she brings what feels like a distinctly modern sensibility to a series that takes place in 1557. In fact, all of the women on the show are complex, three-dimensional characters who, at times, espouse more feminist ideals than many of the contemporary female characters on television.
Stasey suggests that perhaps it’s the societal restrictions these women face that allows Reign to grant them more developed interpersonal relationships and internal lives. But there’s something to be said in particular about Kenna’s sexual independence, an exciting quality for a female character on network television, regardless of the time period.
“[Kenna] kind of doesn’t give a fuck. She’s making decisions of her own accord,” Stasey says. “Self-determination is what she’s trying to achieve. Obviously in those times, you couldn’t have rampant sexual partners. You needed some sort of, I guess, arrangement whereby losing your ‘virtue’ was not worth losing everything. She’s as much as a feminist as you could have been during those times, and every decision that she’s made for herself, by herself, I think is a testament to her strength.”
Of course, that’s not to say that Kenna represents a feminist ideal. Stasey acknowledges that she has a harder time with scenes in which her character is bent to the will of others. The world of Reign is, after all, 16th century France: However evolved Kenna feels — and however historically inaccurate the show allows her to be — she’s still a product of the times.
So although Stasey believes there are aspects of Kenna that could prove helpful to young girls watching Reign, she also notes that it’s a bit more complicated than simply wanting to grow up to be her.
“I hope women that watch it can at least take with a grain of salt the level of importance that is placed on our virginities and on our male counterparts,” Stasey says. “I would hate for any young girl to watch and be like, This is the standard by which I will set my life. I think they’ve done an incredible job of creating female characters who are really empowered by the times rather than restricted by them. Or, at least, empowered enough within the restrictions that they find themselves in.”
And for her part, Stasey continues to speak candidly about not only Kenna’s sexuality, but also her own. The more she talks about it, she explains, the less awkward everyone else has to feel. In her own life, the frank and shameless discussion of sexuality has helped her evolved to a state she hopes other young women can achieve.
I’ve always struggled with relationships and my sexuality and being bisexual and not knowing how to sort of embrace that while also not being judged for it,” Stasey says. “It took me dating feminists to understand that these things are OK. I always knew it was OK — I was always fiercely defensive. There was always this little bit of doubt in me that people would think the worst of me, that people wouldn’t understand me.”
Stasey and Reign can’t do all the heavy lifting alone, of course, which is why she expresses the need for more positive representations of uninhibited female sexuality in TV and film.
Cable, at least, is making strides forward with shows like Comedy Central’s Broad City and HBO’s Girls, both of which allow their female characters to talk about sex openly and, for the most part, without fear of judgment from those around them.
Broad City is how I wish we could all be, whereas Girls is maybe a more accurate representation of how things are,” Stasey posits. “There is still this expectation, there is still this reticence and fear, but I think that [Girls creator] Lena Dunham and [Broad City creators] Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are forging the way forward.”
These are the shows Stasey wishes had existed when she was younger and struggling to figure herself out. When she thinks back to the female characters she was familiar with growing up, she has trouble identifying any that she was truly impressed by — or who made her feel like less of an outsider.
“I bore this great shame,” Stasey says. “And I would pray every time before I’d masturbate. I was like, ‘Dear God, this is the last time, except maybe three more times on the way to Queensland.’ I was so scared. And because, ever since I can remember, I’ve been fiercely attracted to women. No one in my world resembled that at all.”
At this point, Stasey can look back on her past from a more enlightened perspective. She speaks proudly about her refusal to cater to a culture of slut-shaming and notes — with her consistently refreshing candor — “Because of this antiquated, patriarchal, and patronizing mentality, we are scared to express ourselves.”
It’s strange, at times, to hear an actor talk so openly about such taboo subjects. Many figures in the public eye are reluctant to even admit to dating, let alone speak freely about masturbation and fluid sexual identity. But for Stasey, as for Kenna, open is the only way to be. Shocking people is an unintended side effect, and one that neither has time for.
“I’ve undoubtedly offended people,” Stasey says, “but in the end I’ve learned, the people that will understand are the people I want to connect to, anyway. And if I can change anyone’s opinions, that’d be fantastic. But there are some people that are so set that it doesn’t matter. And if my sexuality offends and repels or intimidates anybody, then we would never, ever connect, professionally or personally.”
The best way for Stasey to stop offending people with discussion of female sexuality is to expose them to what they’re so afraid of. In the same way, shows like Reign, in depicting female pleasure, are teaching audiences to — in blunt terms — get over it.
“My dad and I had a conversation before I left,” she continues, “and he said, ‘I think you’re living with a sort of air of naiveté, because the world that you want to live in, the world that you expect to live in isn’t the world that you’re currently living in. People aren’t always going to accept it.’ And my response to that is, I think he and other people confuse naiveté with an unfailing commitment to an ideal. It’s like, yes, things aren’t this way, but I have to communicate as though they are, so that things will eventually change. If you compromise in any kind of movement or any kind of wave of revolution, if you sort of play the game, things are gonna change far more slowly than you need them to.”
Reign may not seem like a series with many teaching moments — it’s more steamy soap than after-school special — but there is undeniable power in its female characters and the way they continue to express themselves.
Now nearing the end of its first season, the show has proven its commitment to portraying realistic female sexuality past that masturbation scene in the pilot. It’s not simply a method to shock and titillate viewers, but to normalize something that should be far more commonplace by now.
“I would just love to think that through experiencing Kenna and other women that are showcased like her, [young girls] will learn to discover that there’s nothing wrong with being sexual and embracing your sexuality,” Stasey says. “It doesn’t make you a bad person.”
Again, in hushed tones, but fully into the recorder, Stasey continues, “I was so isolated by how fucking horny I was as a young girl. I thought I was deranged … I just remember feeling so much shame and so much guilt as a young girl, and I really hope that can be eliminated for girls my age who go through the same thing.”
Beyond what it means for the young women watching Reign — and given the fact that it’s a romantic drama on The CW, that’s a significant portion of the audience — depicting female sexuality contributes to a larger cultural shift, the same trend whose tremors are felt on Broad City and Girls.
It’s not simply a matter of creating strong female characters, though that’s important too. It’s showing women as sexually independent people whose bodies and pleasure exist for themselves and not for the men around them. While not a radical concept, it’s one that television continues to struggle with.
And many, like Stasey, are growing increasingly impatient. She smiles before offering this pithy summation: “I’m really just looking forward to the day when a woman’s orgasm isn’t scary.”

PICCOLO GRANDE SCHERMO - Il mondo è davvero cambiato! Pamela Anderson cala al festival di Taormina dove annuncia il film con Herzog (!!!), un progetto per Nick Cassavetes (!!!) e tiene una lezione (ma gli studenti chi erano?). Poi il ritorno alla realtà: l'ex regina di "Baywatch" gestirà un bordello (in tv)
(ANSA) - TAORMINA - "Saro' una madre un po' svampita nel prossimo film di Werner Herzog dal titolo "Vernon God Little" tratto dal romanzo dello scrittore australiano DBC Pierre. Una madre che ha il figlio accusato di diversi omicidi". Cosi' Pamela Anderson al Festival di Taormina, dove ha tenuto una lezione, racconta in un incontro ristretto il suo futuro. "Nel film ci sara' anche Mike Tyson, una persona dolcissima che conosco da tempo", continua l'ex bagnina di Baywatch. Il film che verra' girato da meta' settembre in Messico non e' il solo progetto serioso della Anderson. La modella-attrice sta infatti lavorando a due produzioni televisive, una per Nick Cassavetes dove interpreta una star di spettacoli per adulti che si ritrova a voler mettere su famiglia. E un'altra, sempre per la Tv con il regista Steve Antin (Burlesque), "in cui sono una tenutaria di un bordello del XVII secolo che ha un figlio". Da parte della Anderson tanto entusiasmo per questa sua nuova vita, "anche perche' - spiega - ora i miei due figli sono cresciuti ed ho piu' tempo per me". Nessuna parola, invece, su cosa l'affascina di un uomo: "Non lo posso dire", scherza.
Non sembra abbia voglia di parlare troppo la bella Pamela Anderson, canadese 46/enne al Taormina Film Fest dove ha tenuto stamani una Tao Class strapiena di pubblico. Vestita con un abito semplice turchese, ad ogni domanda non ha fatto mai mancare un gridolino di sorpresa come una novella Marilyn Monroe, ma, alla fine, alla domanda giusta, replica: ''le tette? Si lo confesso mi hanno aiutato le porto sempre con me''. L'ex bagnina della serie tv Baywatch, diventata famosa in tutto il mondo e che all'ultimo festival di Cannes ha confessato di aver subito violenze, da bambina e poi da adolescente,  parla del suo impegno sociale rivolto appunto contro la violenza alle donne, in difesa degli animali e dell'ambiente: "ho messo su una fondazione in difesa di queste cose. A Cannes ho confessato cose molte intime di quello che mi e' successo nell'infanzia (Anderson fu molestata da bambina, dalla sua baby sitter e poi ha subito molte altre brutte avventure a sfondo sessuale ndr.) e credo che le cose per i bambini stiano anche peggiorando oggi". Il successo?  ''Non avrei mai immaginato niente di tutto questo. E' solo una cosa che e' accaduta". Scoperta per caso su un grande schermo che la inquadrava alla stadio suscitando un boato nella platea maschile, spiega: "avevo solo una maglietta bianca". "Allora - aggiunge - non avrei mai pensato di diventare tanto popolare. Quando facevo Baywatch era tutto cosi' naturale, nuotavo, facevo esercizio fisico. Poi il fatto di aver posato per Playboy mi ha aiutato moltissimo, riuscire a farlo per una rivista cosi' importante mi ha dato sicurezza. Da giovane ero cosi' tanto timida". Nell'incontro immagini tratte dal film Borat con Sacha Baron Cohen, con l'attore-regista che a un certo punto la rapisce mettendola in un sacco e ancora, parlando di Baywatch, l'idea di non essersi mai davvero considerata un'attrice: "interpretavo solo me stessa. Andavo in spiaggia ed ero pure pagata per farlo". Un po' carente sulla conoscenza del cinema canadese, confessa che non sa nulla sul fatto che ci sia una new wave di registi canadesi (dunque nulla neppure di Xavier Dolan in concorso quest'anno a Cannes insieme a Cronenberg). Il regista italiano con avrebbe voluto lavorare? "Sicuramente Fellini, peccato che sono arrivata troppo tardi". Il suo sogno? "Quello di continuare a lavorare" dice con modestia. In attesa di ruoli drammatici verso i quali si sente pronta (''Casavettes mi ha proposto una serie tv dai toni seri'',dice), la bagnina Pamela Anderson non e' abbastanza cattiva per dire chi salverebbe e chi farebbe affogare. Lo fa solo di fronte alla scelta tra Bush e Obama, e dice: "io salverei Obama".

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NEWS - Clamoroso alla White House! Fermi tutti, la figlia di Obama lavora sul set di "Extant" con la coppia Steven Spielberg-Halle Berry (Paese che vai, conflitto d'interessi che trovi!)
Articolo tratto da "The Wrap"
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's oldest daughter Malia could be setting her sights on Hollywood. Malia Obama, who turns 16 on July 4, was spotted this past week working as a production assistant for a day in Los Angeles on the set of Halle Berry‘s upcoming sci-fi series “Extant,” an individual with knowledge of the production told TheWrap.
“She helped with computer shop alignments and the director also let her slate a take,” the insider said.

The insider also said Malia laughed with delight saying, “My first time. This is a big deal.”
CBS has not yet not responded to TheWrap's requests for comment. A spokesperson for the First Lady also has not responded. In the series — which hails from Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television and CBS Television Studios — Berry will play an astronaut who returns home from a year-long solo mission in space and tries to reconnect with her husband and son in their everyday life.  Her experiences in space and home lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history.
In addition to the “Extant” role, Berry and her producing partner, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, have entered into a two-year, first look production deal with CBS Television Studios.

Malia attends the exclusive Sidwell Friends private school in Washington, DC, but classes let out earlier this month. She joined her parents on Friday in Rancho Mirage, where President Obama took in a round of golf, according to the Press Enterprise newspaper. The President was in Southern California to deliver the commencement address at the University of California Irvine on Saturday.
NEWS - Fuori la spada? No, meglio la tromba! Rin-tronatevi di sollucchero con la versione dixieland della sigla di "Game Of Thrones", già nelle playlist più cult dei Sette Regni

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NEWS - OITNB-mania! Tre attrici promosse, boom sul web per i provini multi-ruolo di Uzo Aduba e le foto di "Playboy" di Taryn Manning. Deriva fetish: "Entertainment Weekly" elenca i libri letti dalle detenute (la perversione del culto senza confini!)
Dopo essere diventata la serie tv più popolare di Netflix (vedi QUI), “Orange Is The New Black” – in arrivo su Mya da settembre con le prime 2 stagioni inedite una dopo l’altra - promuove sul campo tre delle sue interpreti. Dascha Polanco,  Samira Wiley e Yael Stone diventeranno protagoniste ricorrenti della 3° stagione, rispettivamente con i personaggi di Dayanara Diaz, Poussey Washington e Lorna Morello. Nel frattempo Uzo Aduba, colei che dà vita a Suzanne Warren aka “Crazy Eyes”, ha twittato un video dove ai provini di “OITNB” interpreta tutti i personaggi della serie: “l’estate del provino ero disperata, passavo da un’audizione all’altra senza successo, sarei stata disposta a tutto per lavorare…Poi arrivò la chiamata da OITNB, anche se il personaggio di Suzanne all’inizio era quello più distante da me…!”. Il video del suo provino multi-tasking in cui interpreta tutte le protagoniste è diventato un hit sul web nel giro di una settimana. Se poi il sensore cult di una serie tv si misura con i livelli di feticismo raggiunti, “OITNB” è al top: la bibbia tv “Entertainment Weekly” ha pubblicato, puntata per puntata, i titoli dei libri che le detenute del serial sfogliano in cella (eh si, hanno pure tempo – poco – per leggere!): da “Anna Karenina” di Tolstoj a “The Mist” di Stephen King, da “Orlando” di Virginia Woolf a “Alice nel Paese delle meraviglie” di Lewis Caroll, fino a “Atonement” di Ian McEwan. Dulcis in fundo, sono ritornate in auge su internet, con tanto di boom di cliccate tra gli smanettoni, le foto senza veli di Taryn Manning (Tiffany Doggett nel serial), la quale nell’aprile del 2011 conquistò cover e servizio interno di “Playboy”. Tutti segnali che la popolarità della serie viaggia anche on line e non accenna a diminuire. Anzi.
NEWS - Jack London! Da stasera arriva su Fox "24 Live Another Day", un altro "fucking" giorno per l'agente Bauer ("damn it!")
(ANSA) - L'ultima stagione si era conclusa con Jack fuggitivo, ricercato dalla Cia. Quattro anni dopo, l'ex agente Bauer vive ancora una condizione di esilio ma e' di nuovo pronto al sacrificio per sventare la minaccia di un attentato su scala internazionale. L'attore britannico Kiefer Sutherland a 47 anni non e' stanco si inseguimenti mozzafiato e situazioni adrenaliniche e torna a calarsi nei panni di Jack Bauer per i nuovi episodi della serie 24, in arrivo in Italia (su Fox) da stasera, 16 giugno 2014 (canale 112 di Sky) con due episodi ogni lunedi' di "24 Live Another Day", la serie in 12 puntate che ha tenuto col fiato sospeso milioni di spettatori in tutto il mondo per 8 stagioni. Ed e' proprio l'atteso ritorno di Bauer ad ispirare la campagna di lancio che, gia' on air sui canali Fox, che avra' anche una declinazione stampa e web, pianificata sui principali quotidiani, settimanali, e social network. Tanto che per il lancio sono state fatte affissioni a Roma, Milano e Torino e uno spot radio on air. Prima del debutto per tutti gli appassionati un temporary channel interamente dedicato con tutte le otto stagioni della serie. E pensare che la Fox americana aveva annunciato la fine della serie nel 2010, e il progetto per un film. L'annuncio di una nuova stagione, seppure in formato ridotto, 12 episodi invece dei tradizionali 24, e' stata una sorpresa graditissima per i fan dello show reso celebre dall'uso distintivo dello split-screen, ovvero la suddivisione in vari riquadri dello schermo per narrare piu' eventi in contemporanea. Un boom quantificato in 9 milioni di spettatori nella stagione finale, che aveva raggiunto il suo apice nel 2006. Per questa nuova avventura dell'agente antiterrorismo Jack Bauer, 24- Live Another Day, l'azione si sposta a Londra, citta' natale dell'attore, e riunisce la gang: Sutherland, Mary Lunn Rajskub (l'amica intima genio dei computer Chloe O'Brian dalla terza stagione), Kim Raven (Audrey Heller, il grande amore di Bauer) e William Devane (il padre di Audrey, oggi presidente degli Stati Uniti). Tuttavia fin dal primo episodio, si evince che al centro dell'azione c'e' un gruppo di hacker in stile WikiLeaks, militanti della liberta' di informazione ad ogni costo, e un'americana che pur di vendicare l'uccisione del marito per un'azione militare americana, pianifica l'omicidio del presidente degli Stati Uniti durante una visita nel Regno Unito per opera di droni della milizia americana controllati  a distanza. Jack Bauer viene a saperlo ed e' pronto a tutto pur di fermarli...ciascuna delle otto stagioni (prodotte dal 2001 al 2010), 24 ha raccontato una serie di eventi che si svolgono nell'arco di un giorno in cui Jack Bauer, agente del CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit - Unita' anti-terrorismo) di Los Angeles ha dovuto sventare una diversa minaccia per la sicurezza degli Stati Uniti d'America. Periodicamente, durante ogni episodio, viene fatto uso della tecnica dello split screen per mostrare le azioni di piu' personaggi allo stesso tempo, assieme a un orologio digitale che segnala lo scandire del tempo.

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GOSSIP - FiliPPL! Per l'"Esquire" filippino "the sexiest woman alive" is...Shay! Qualcosa da ridire?

"Il trivial game + divertente dell'anno" (Lucca Comics)

"Il trivial game + divertente dell'anno" (Lucca Comics)
Il GIOCO DEI TELEFILM di Leopoldo Damerini e Fabrizio Margaria, nei migliori negozi di giocattoli: un viaggio lungo 750 domande divise per epoche e difficoltà. Sfida i tuoi amici/parenti/partner/amanti e diventa Telefilm Master. Disegni originali by Silver. Regolamento di Luca Borsa. E' un gioco Ghenos Games.

Lick it or Leave it!

Lick it or Leave it!