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venerdì 16 gennaio 2015

NEWS - Clamoroso al Cibali! Lo spin-off di "Dexter" è possibile (ma non senza Michael C. Hall)

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Even before Dexter ended its eight-season run, we heard a lot about the idea of Showtime doing a Dexter spinoff. During the Television Critics Association this week, Showtime president David Nevins admitted that it’s still a thing that could happen.
However, Nevins noted that it wouldn’t be a spinoff because it would continue to be about Michael C. Hall’s character, Dexter. Indeed, he said, Showtime wouldn’t do the “spinoff” without Hall involved, and not as a producer, but as a character.
However, Nevins also noted that, if they were to make the series, “I would want to do Dexter in a new concept and configuration. I want it to feel different – not just a continuation of the old show.” So, it wouldn’t be a continuation, it would be a new “concept” and “configuration”? That doesn’t make a damn bit of sense unless they plan to bring Dexter back to focus only on his life as a lumberjack in Alaska. I mean, you can do a new configuration — Dexter develops a new family in a different location — but you can’t really change the “concept” unless you nix the part of Dexter that’s about him being a serial killer, which is THE POINT OF THE CHARACTER, so why even bring him back?
If it’s about Dexter, and Dexter is still a serial killer, then no matter how you try to spin it, that “spinoff” is a “continuation” of the series. You may as well call it Dexter, season nine.
Meanwhile, referring to the finale of Dexter, Nevins also said this:
“Honestly, it was never even discussed, the idea of killing him. The people who were really in the center, which was Michael, Scott Buck, Sara Colleton, it was never even… no one even brought up the idea. It wasn’t discussed.”
I have a question for Showtime, then. WHY THE HELL NOT? Seriously? In a show about a serial killer, there was never even a THOUGHT to killing him in the end? You’re telling me that the most logical and just ending to the series NEVER EVEN ENTERED THEIR MINDS?
No wonder Dexter ran off the rails in the end. The people behind Dexter were suffering from a severe case of headupass.
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NEWS - Let's Dance with "True Detective". Due versioni remix dell'arcimitologica sigla della serie dimenticata dai Golden Globes
TELEFILM ART - Foto, grafica e visioni al confine con la Pop-Art

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PICCOLO GRANDE SCHERMO - Plinsky, Je suis Charlie (Hunnam)! Il protagonista di "Sons of Anarchy" in lizza per il reboot di "1997: Fuga da New York"
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EXCLUSIVE: Snake Plissken is back! Fox has emerged from competitive bidding and closed a deal to remake the 1981 John Carptenter-directed cult classic Escape From New York. Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman’s The Picture Company will produce. The original was released by Avco Embassy, and the rights were own by Studiocanal. Carpenter will be an executive producer and will exert creative influence over the project. Fox’s Mike Ireland brought it in and will steer. The hope is to reinvent the property with an eye toward launching a new franchise. In the original, Kurt Russell played Plissken, an eyepatch-sporting tough guy who is conscripted to rescue the president of the United States after Air Force One — en route to a summit that could head off WWIII — goes missing after it crashes in New York, which has been relegated to a maximum security prison. Plissken, a former special forces operative convicted of trying to rob the Federal Reserve, is given 22 hours to liberate the president and a tape he carries which holds the key to peace. If he fails, he’s wired to explode. The cynical original, hatched by Carpenter after the Watergate scandal, was set in a futuristic Gotham circa 1997. There have been remake overtures before, but not with Carpenter involved. New Line tried it with Neal Moritz. It’s the second producing project set up by The Picture Company, after they set Nottingham And Hood at Disney. TPC has a deal with Studiocanal. While there was a spate of rumors earlier this fall that the film was about to be cast with the likes of Sons Of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam, I’m told those rumors amounted to wishful thinking by fans, because there was no rights deal made until now, and there is no script. They are starting from scratch. That said, the notion of Hunnam playing the Snake, or Chris Hemsworth who was another one rumored, seems like pretty inspired ideas from here. I saw Russell at an AFM buyers event for Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, and he certainly looked robust though you can’t do a remake with the original guy.
All of that is fantasy league stuff and the reality comes down the road when they hire a scribe and a filmmaker and the studio gets a script it likes. Who else is worth considering for Plissken?

martedì 13 gennaio 2015

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GOSSIP - Oh my Goth(am)! Tutte in forma come Jada dopo le Feste
Jada Pinkett-Smith looks unbelievably amazing showing off her abs in a sexy swimsuit on the cover of Shape magazine’s latest issue.
Here’s what the 43-year-old Gotham star had to share with the mag:
On having a hot body: “When my husband of almost 20 years can’t take his eyes off me? That’s amazing. But the number one reason I go to the gym is because it keeps me sane; I can deal with whatever’s coming at me.”
On being five feet tall and having a ton of self confidence: “It’s an internal thing. I know that I’m petite but I never think like I am, ever. The truth is, there are times when I feel as big and tall as Will!”
On her upbringing: “Often we feel in order to be strong we have to take on male attributes. I grew up on the streets of Baltimore and had to put out an energy that said, ‘You do not want to mess with me.’ But I’m okay. I feel safe now…I can focus on love, compassion, openness, and yes, vulnerability.”

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NEWS - Golden Globes, "Fargo" è un..."Affair" alquanto "Transparent"! Delusione totale "True Detective"

Miglior drama: The Affair, Showtime.
Miglior comedy: Transparent, Amazon.
Miglior attore di una serie tv drama: Kevin Spacey, per il ruolo di Francis J. Underwood in House of Cards (Netflix)
Miglior attrice di una serie tv drama: Ruth Wilson, per il ruolo di Alison Lockhart in The Affair (Showtime).
Miglior attore di una serie tv comedy: Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent (Amazon).
Miglior attrice di una serie tv comedy: Gina Rodriguez, Jane The Virgin (The CW).
Miglior miniserie o film-tv: Fargo, Fx.
Miglior attore in una miniserie o film-tv: Billy Bob Thornton, Fargo (FX).
Miglior attrice in una miniserie o film-tv: Maggie Gyllenhaal, per il ruolo di Nessa Stein in The Honorable Woman (Bbc Two).
Miglior attore non protagonista in una serie tv, miniserie o film-tv: Matt Bomer, The Normal Heart (HBO).
Miglior attrice non protagonista in una serie tv, miniserie o film-tv: Joanne Froggatt, per il ruolo di Anna Bates in Downton Abbey (Itv)

"Il trivial game + divertente dell'anno" (Lucca Comics)

"Il trivial game + divertente dell'anno" (Lucca Comics)
Il GIOCO DEI TELEFILM di Leopoldo Damerini e Fabrizio Margaria, nei migliori negozi di giocattoli: un viaggio lungo 750 domande divise per epoche e difficoltà. Sfida i tuoi amici/parenti/partner/amanti e diventa Telefilm Master. Disegni originali by Silver. Regolamento di Luca Borsa. E' un gioco Ghenos Games.

Lick it or Leave it!

Lick it or Leave it!