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domenica 5 luglio 2015

GOSSIP - Mistress of "Playboy". Lizzy-attizza Caplan sulla rivista per soli uomini (vestita) dispensa consigli all'acqua di rose: "il miglior sesso è con chi ti piace". E poi: "mi piacciono gli uomini in boxer classici bianchi e che mi facciano ridere". E infine rivela: "per le scene di sesso mi aiuto con qualche drink!"
On-screen she does not hold back and, it seems, off-screen things are no different.
Lizzy Caplan has ditched her clothes and any Hollywood pretence for the new issue of Playboy Magazine.The 32-year-old has dished what she looks for in a man and their underwear, about her first sexual experience and what alcohol was her go-to for her first nude scene. While she was happy to bare all when it came to her opinions and past, however, the Masters Of Sex star did not bare all of herself. In the Playboy pictorial, Lizzy posed up in vintage-style sexy lingerie but did not go the full Monty for the Fifties-inspires shoot. Of course, the star is no stranger to getting nude as she stars in the Emmy Award-winning show Masters Of Sex. While Lizzy told the magazine she is now used to having to strip off in the name of her character - she plays sexologist Virginia Johnson - the first time she filmed a nude scene she needed a little help in the form of one too many cocktails.
The star joked on her nude appearance on True Blood: 'I think I drank Grey Goose, kept in the freezer from the night before and mixed into a bottle of Vitaminwater - a surprisingly delicious cocktail. I drank the entire bottle and had to get my stomach pumped. 'I was encouraged to get loose. Unfortunately that's not an option on Masters, even for the more intimidating nude scenes, because they're always in the middle of the day, with nine pages of intense dialogue. 'For the True Blood scene I had to walk across a room wearing only tiny panties and climb on a guy, and that was it.'
Even without the nudity, portraying a real life person on the dramatic Masters has been nerve wracking. Specific tastes: The star (seen here Tuesday) said she likes men to wear tighty-whitey undies'. Because I was mainly known for doing comedy, not drama, I just couldn't shake the idea that the people who had hired me would quickly get wise to the fact that I was the wrong person for the job, that I was in over my head. Luckily, that's what the real Virginia Johnson felt when she showed up for her first day with Dr. Masters, so it worked for me.' Getting serious for a second, Lizzy also told the magazine that it would be 'naive' to think the treatment of women has 'come that far since the 1950s' when her show is set.'There's nothing on our show around the feminist issues that I don't feel has a huge echo today. If anything, it makes me angry about today. 'I've never said this out loud before, but I don't know if we'll get there in my lifetime. Until we can convince our own side - women - that this is a good thing for all of us, I don't see how we stand a chance convincing all the men.'
Being a comedian, Lizzy could not help to lighten the mood mid-interview however, joking about what underwear she likes men to wear. 'I like it when guys don't wear those boxer briefs that go to mid-thigh and look like bike shorts. It's harder and harder to find. '
'I prefer old-fashioned tighty-whities or even just boxer shorts. When you discover a man who wears tighty-whities, you hold on to him. It's so old-school.' And tighty-whities are not the only thing a guy should have. 'A guy who wants a chance with me has to have a sick and dark sense of humour.'I've had a handful of serious relationships. I take that s**t very seriously. Before breaking up I will try everything to make it work, because if I love somebody, it means a great deal. 
'But when it's over, there's a DO NOT RESUSITATE sign hung around the relationship's head.'
Of course, being Playboy, the 20th question was rather cheeky: 'When did you master sex? And what's better than sex?' Not even pausing, Lizzy responded: 'Immediately. Nah, no one does it immediately. I was very lucky to have an ideal first sexual experience. It was good and sweet and safe. What's better than sex? Sex with someone I like.'

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"Il trivial game + divertente dell'anno" (Lucca Comics)

"Il trivial game + divertente dell'anno" (Lucca Comics)
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Lick it or Leave it!