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lunedì 1 maggio 2017

NEWS - Telefilm sotto attacco! Sciopero degli sceneggiatori (domani) e hackers addestrati (già in azione) minacciano il sistema seriale: domani il primo "strike", mentre i pirati del web ricattano i network (Netflix, ABC e Fox in primis) rendendo disponibili stagioni intere inedite ("Orange Is The New Black" in testa)  

News tratta da "Variety"
With contract negotiations going down to the wire, leaders of the Writers Guild of America have been laying the groundwork for a strike action on Tuesday. “Be ready to strike Tuesday May 2. If you’ve left anything great in your office on a studio lot, consider packing it up on Monday – just in case,” said a memo sent from one of the strike captains to the others. Picketing will take place at eight studios in three shifts a day, according to the memo. The missive recaps a meeting held by the captains on Saturday and quotes Chris Keyser — one of the three chairmen of the WGA negotiating committee. “We know this is anxiety producing,” Keyser said in the memo. “We’re asking everyone to live in the anxiety with us for the next few days.” The WGA held hundreds of pickets and rallies during the 2007-08 strike. Several thousand members and supporters attended a rally at Fox Plaza and a march on Hollywood Boulevard. Negotiators for the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers are resuming negotiations in a rare Sunday session with less than 48 hours before the midnight PT Monday contract expiration. The memo said that the deadline could be extended. “Negotiations could go for a few days after May 1 (hopefully this would mean a deal is in sight – but it might not),” it noted. The memo also said that the specific times and locations have not been set. “The goal is to be flexible geography-wise for members,” it added. The missive also urged recipients to invoice studios before Tuesday for any money owed. A spokesman for the WGA West clarified the memo was not an official communication with the members, adding, “The Writers Guild has not issued any memos to members or updates on the status of negotiations.” Here is the entire memo: Hi Everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. There was a strike captains meeting at the Guild this AM, and I am officially reporting back. 
1.) From leadership: thank you as a Guild for your amazing solidarity. The results were 96.3% “yes” on an SAV. You gave our team the best negotiating tool possible. In a time where labor is threatened in the country, it was an inspiring act of unity. 
2.) There is officially no news. There is a press black-out until this round of negotiations is over. Negotiations could go down to the wire, until the clock strikes midnight on Monday May 1. 
3.) Negotiations could go for a few days after May 1 (hopefully this would mean a deal is in sight – but it might not)
4.) Be ready to strike Tuesday May 2. If you’ve left anything great in your office on a studio lot, consider packing it up on Monday – just in case.
5.) Again, be ready to strike if necessary.
6.) The Guild leadership (Chris Keyser) said, “We know this is anxiety producing. We’re asking everyone to live in the anxiety with us for the next few days.” That’s how a deal will get done.
7.) Member meetings & next steps will happen after we have a deal or May 2nd. There isn’t a schedule yet because the Guild is waiting for negotiations to wrap. (Showrunners, if you want to talk strike rules in the next few days, call Ann Farriday.)
8.) If necessary, pickets will be at 8 studios, 3 shifts per day. The goal is to be flexible geography-wise for members. Also, there are always shifts at headquarters manning phones for anyone with physical issues.
10.) Tuesday means “pencils down” as well as “Avids off.” This year, strike rules will mean: no editing, no production, no shooting – no A-H duties.
11.) As we fight for our union, there is a May 1 Pro-Labor march planned in Los Angeles. It would be great if WGA members went and repped labor. T-shirts available now at WGA headquarters. Hopeful note? The AMPTP took a break to go back and talk to their respective CEOs (they didn’t break off negotiations – just went to go talk to corporate bosses and will be back at the table Monday). Maybe this is good. Maybe not. We’ll know more early Tuesday AM.
News tratte da "Uproxx" e "Variety"
At the end of season four of Orange Is The New Black, fans were left on the edge of their seats wondering if Daya (Dascha Palanko) would actually fire the gun she pulled on a sadistic prison guard. The wait for new episodes has seemed painfully long, but there is the possibility that the next season could be available before it’s announced June 9th release date. Unfortunately, the details around this potential leak are too shady to celebrate. According to reports, a hacker who calls themselves The Dark Overlord claims to have acquired the fifth season of Orange Is The New Black in a security breach and will release them early unless Netflix pays them an “undisclosed amount of money.” The FBI is currently involved, and Netflix released a statement explaining the situation, saying: 
“We are aware of the situation. A production vendor used by several major TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved.”
Yes, we’re all a little resentful that Netflix has such sway over our minds and our time (who else has planned a weekend around the release of one of their shows?), but this seems like a really strange move by The Dark Overlord. Be it for money or bragging rights, the streaming behemoth (and their extensive resources) is probably not a foe that you’d want to take on. An anonymous hacker has carried through on a threat to release “Orange Is the New Black” season five episodes online — after Netflix allegedly failed to respond to the cybercriminal’s shakedown demands. Variety was unable to verify the authenticity of the “OITNB” episodes the hacker claimed to have shared on popular file-sharing site the Pirate Bay. The first 10 episodes of season 5 were apparently shared shortly before 6 a.m. ET Saturday, with the 10 files comprising a total of 11.46 gigabytes. The hacker, who uses the handle “thedarkoverlord,” published the premiere episode from the upcoming season of “Orange Is the New Black” on Friday to the Pirate Bay. Netflix has set June 9 for the release of season five of “Orange Is the New Black.” It’s possible that the streamer will move up the “OITNB” premiere date now that the bulk of the episodes have leaked. According to “thedarkoverlord,” the hacker or hackers also have obtained unreleased shows from ABC, Fox, National Geographic and IFC. The content appears to have been stolen in an attack on post-production studio Larson Studios in late 2016, according to piracy-news site TorrentFreak. “Thedarkoverlord” explained in an online post that they obtained only the first 10 of the 13 episodes of “OITNB” season 5 because the cyberattack was carried out before the final three installments were available.

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"Il trivial game + divertente dell'anno" (Lucca Comics)

"Il trivial game + divertente dell'anno" (Lucca Comics)
Il GIOCO DEI TELEFILM di Leopoldo Damerini e Fabrizio Margaria, nei migliori negozi di giocattoli: un viaggio lungo 750 domande divise per epoche e difficoltà. Sfida i tuoi amici/parenti/partner/amanti e diventa Telefilm Master. Disegni originali by Silver. Regolamento di Luca Borsa. E' un gioco Ghenos Games.

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Lick it or Leave it!