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mercoledì 6 novembre 2013

L'EDICOLA DI LOU/GOSSIP - Sexy Claire! La Danes di "Homeland" sulla cover di "Interview" di dicembre intervistata da un "certo" Dustin Hoffman (è la consacrazione, bellezza!)

From a so-called misunderstood teen to a manic bi-polar CIA agent, actress Claire Danes has animated two unforgettable household names in television.
The 34-year-old star posed topless for a sexy photo shoot in the December issue of Interview magazine and opened up to guest interviewer Dustin Hoffman about playing Angela Chase on "My So-Called Life" versus Carrie Mathison on "Homeland."
"I'd actually only done one series before 'Homeland' and I was 14 when I did it, and we only made 19 episodes-so 'Homeland' has really been my first time aging with a character and experiencing her develop and change," Danes told the 76-year-old iconic actor.

Danes, who married actor husband Hugh Dancy in 2009 and is a mom to 10-month-old son Cyrus, compared her relationships on the show to her real life.
"I know Mandy Patinkin's (her character's boss and mentor Saul Berenson) process-I know his music and how to run and to play with it. It's such a gift to get to know an actor over this many years-and always in a new context. It's like being in a marriage."
As to how she impeccably captures the personality of someone diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, Danes admitted to the mag she watched several YouTube videos of users who kept diaries when going through the initial stages of mania, much like Mathison's frenzied spells on camera.

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